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Boathouses and Piers

No person shall lease or sublease, or otherwise use any boathouse or pier for the purpose of living or sleeping or otherwise maintain any such property within the corporate limits of the city which does not comply with the following requirements or in which any combination of the following conditions exists:

(1) Boathouse. The boathouse has become deteriorated as a result of exposure to the environment, wind, rain or fire damage, and the roof, windows, doors or portions of the structure are not capable of protecting the building and/or its contents from the weather, or the structure cannot be used for its intended purpose.

(2) Piers. The pier has become structurally deteriorated, in danger of collapse, cannot withstand the forces of nature, or is not capable of supporting the load which normal use may cause to be placed thereon.

(3) Posts and pilings. Posts or pilings that remain from an inoperable or unstable pier, boathouse, duck blind or other structure shall be completely extracted from the water bed or, if complete extraction is not possible, cut off even with the water bed and removed.

(4) Municipal address required. Boathouses and/or piers located behind any structure which has an address issued by any governmental entity must post that address and street name with minimum three-inch numerals and block letters in a conspicuous place visible from the body of the lake. Only one posting per address is required.
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