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City of Shreveport - Can Ordinance Q & A                               Revised 4/4/24:  KLF


Question 1:  Will I be fined if I put my can out the evening before my garbage day?

      No, it is ok to place your can on the curb the evening before your garbage day.  We understand that people work odd hours and that for some putting it out at 7am may not be possible. 

Question 2:  I own rental property but am worried with the implementation of this ordinance that I will be penalized for my renters’ actions, how does the policy relate to my situation?

      As a property owner you are the responsible party, not your renter.  Any penalty will be the property owner’s responsibility.

Question 3:  What are the fines?

      The fine can run up to $500 per occurrence with each day constituting a separate occurrence.  The actual         fine levied is up to the judge.

Question 4:  Do the same rules apply to your Yard waste?

      No, at this time there is no ordinance stating that you can’t put your yard waste out at the curb before your           collection day.

Question 5:  How far from curb does my can have to be?

      Your garbage can has to be more than 10 feet away from the curbside after your collection day.

Question 6:  What is the purpose of this ordinance?

      This ordinance will help our neighborhoods stay cleaner and prevent road hazards that may be caused by leaving the cans on the curb. 

Question 7:  I work evenings and don’t get home until after 10:00 pm, but I do put my can up as soon as I get home, will I be fined if my can isn’t off the curb by 10:00 pm?

      If you take the can in when you get home you will not have a problem.

Question 8:  What is the process after a location has been reported? See the phases below:

  1. A representative from the City confirms information received by visiting the location after the collection day. If cans are still out a “doorknocker” is placed on their door, which is a notice that contains the information on the ordinance. The representative records the day and will allow the resident 10 days to resolve this issue before they revisit the location. If cans are still out it will progress to Phase 2.
  2. A representative will then try to contact someone at the location. If unable to make contact a certified letter will be sent to the property owners and the location, if they are different, concerning noncompliance of the ordinance. After confirmation of receipt is received by our office the owner will have 10 days to resolve this issue before our representative revisits the location. If not resolved it will progress to Phase 3.
  3. All information from Phase 1 and 2 are sent to the City Attorney’s Office stating they are not complying with the ordinance and we have given them the opportunity to resolve the issue before submitting this concern.
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